Hokkaido Limousine Taxi Tour with English Speaking Driver Guide

English Speaking Taxi Tour Driver from ¥45,280/day, 8hrs

We are the group of English speaking owner-taxi tour drivers in Hokkaido.

  • ・We provide a variety of tours to all parts of Hokkaido in a taxi that suits your needs.
  • ・Hiring a sightseeing taxi with an English driver is the safest, most efficient, most comfortable, and also a reasonable way to see and enjoy Hokkaido.

    Our services

    Chartered sightseeing tour

    ・We accept multi-day of tours in Hokkaido.
    ・Fully guided sightseeing tours.
    ・Recommend restaurants for lunch and help in ordering.
    ・Hotel check-in assistance.

    Mini-van taxis from 2 to 8 passengers

    ・TOYOTA HIACE-Grandcabin(Silver and Black)

    accomodates up tp 8 passengers with luggage or 9 without luggage.


    accommodates up to 4 passengers with luggage or 5 without luggage.

    ・TOYOTA CROWN(Formal Black Sedan Taxis by Japanese speaking driver)

    accommodates up to 2 passengers with luggage or 3 without luggage.

    Taxi Fares from ¥45,280 within 8hrs

    ・Taxi fares are the goverment approved and the same as the others in Sapporo.
    Sightseeing charter is from 5,660yen/hr~, depending on the size of taxis.
    ・We only charge exactlly the same taxi fares of standerd taxis that cruise Sapporo city.
    ・We will not charge any interpreting fees.
    ・Taxi fares include gas, accident insurance.
    ・Express-way tolls, parking fees, admission costs and drivers accommodations are not included.
    ・The maximum driving distance per day is 250 kilometers.
    From 6(minimum) to 9(maximum) hours per day between 8am to 6pm.

    About us

  • ・We are certified and experienced Sapporo based owner-taxi drivers.
  • ・The system of becoming an owner-driver taxi in Japan has very strict rules.
  • ・Every owner-driver must have 10 years of driving experience at a taxi company with a perfect record.
  • ・Each driver must also pass the national examination of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
  • ・Owner driver taxis are therefore the safest and optimal method of travel with the maximunm available coverage in Japanese accident insurance.
  • ・Affiliation:
  • Hokkaido Tourism Organization Guide Taxi.
  • Sapporo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Sapporo owner-driver tasxi association.
  • Satto owner-driver taxis association.

  • Hokkaido Licensed Owner-Driver Taxi

    TeamHokkaido English Speaking Taxi Tour Drivers
    Chief Kazushi Hakozaki

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